Lefteris (leo) tsouris

Some 15 years ago, Lefteris started Geopsis, an outdoor-publishing company that since then, has earned the title of authority in outdoor mapping in Greece. There are plenty of motivations for creating things in life, but Lefteris’ main one is that electric smile once he started walking in the Mediterranean nature.

He is a guidebook writer too, and enjoys gardening biological vegetables in a little soil-corner. The best situation he can imagine is enjoying a slow cooked meal during a hiking-break, under tall trees. He lives in Sweden and Greece. Lefteris speaks fluent English and Swedish.


charlene caprio

Charlene is co-author of “Ikaria Island: Explore and Experience.” She can't stop exploring Ikaria's natural environment. She's led environmental projects in Greece and taught students environmental law. She's given international presentations about the law of the sea, climate change and promotion of local island producers. She loves walking Ikarian foot paths and connecting with the island's true nature. She advises non profits too. She lives in America close to New York City, and naturally, travels to Greece every year.


dimitris (jim) gkerlektsis

Dimitris gets inspiration from mountainside walks, panoramic views and snow. Dimitris ignites the charcoal to set the BBQ on and a very special feeling for the team! He has been a skier for the past 20yrs and is a member of the Hellenic Rescue Team. He also works as a legal advisor, but don’t be afraid, he will only sew the bad guys!

Together with Lefteris, he has been revealing the secrets of the well hidden Northern Greek Paradise, but only to a few, selected guests who respect nature and want to try a more human lifestyle. Dimitris speaks fluent English and German.


selene hellström

Her name doesn’t exactly cling as Swedish, but rather ancient Greek. She is a writer of fiction, editor and translator. She is also on her way to becoming a yoga instructor. She lives in Sweden and Greece.

Throughout 15 years of exploration, she gained a ‘collection’ of experiences, spanning mostly in Northern Greece, still undiscovered, still naive, still true and local. She has mapped the place mentally and set mental markers of the Healing Nature: thermal spas, mud-baths, spectacular waterfalls peaceful riverside walks far from tourists and whatever mainstream! Selene speaks fluent English, Swedish and Greek.